Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks for Nothing!

Where have we heard that before? Usually not in a good way. ” Nothing” can have negative and positive meanings and it’s the positive ones we’re after here today.

But “nothingness” raises a whole host of concepts applying to everything from philosophy to energy and – believe it or not – they’re all related. Really. And what’s more they can be totally confusing.

So it’s best if we stay away from the philosophical argument that “proves” “The existence of any thing cannot have come from nothing or no thing nor could it have ever existed at all.” Had enough?

This field will lead you anywhere from Einstein (E=MC2) to the big bang theory and all we are really reaching for is a lot less usage of those forms of energy that continue to pollute our air, water and ecology.

So in our roundabout way we are saying to you “thanks for not using that energy.”

For not turning it on when not necessary;

For not investing in Coal and Oil corporations;

For not encouraging the promoters of mining more coal and drilling for more oil;

For not raising the thermostat when not really necessary

For not leaving the car idling when parked

For not putting recyclable items in the trash

For not using high wattage lamps

For not leaving the oven or stove on after cooking is done

For not letting water leaks or drips to continue

And in return we thank you for the things you do

Such as helping our children to understand the need for careful use of energy;

And supporting all the organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the careful and considerate use of energy in all areas of life.

Because, you will find that our children and their children will thank us all for our efforts to provide a cleaner and safer world for them in the future.

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